Introvert started with a discussion my studio-mate and I had as we huddled in our studio while an opening reception was bustling downstairs.  We were talking about how drained we were and she recommended that I read a book called The Introvert Advantage.  I’ve always been interested in personality types so I bought it right away.  It wound up being terrible, but it was a great starting point to begin thinking about what makes an introvert an introvert.  It also gave way to the first photograph of the series as its pages were ripped out to make a shell for a person in Introvert (book).  It’s important to note that introvert is not synonymous with shy.  It’s all about how a person “recharges.”  In researching for the series, I learned that many of my quirks, like dreading seeing the voicemail light on my phone lit up, are actually introvert traits.